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N20W22942 Watertown Rd, Waukesha, WI 53186, USA

About Nova Linea Contemporary Dance

NOVA LINEA CONTEMPORARY DANCE... co-founded by Artistic Director Jared Baker and Executive Directors Chris and Kellie Plath, is a professional dance company based in Milwaukee. Nova Linea will be a culmination of life experiences and focus on the connections we make in the studio, on stage, and in the theater.


Nova Linea was conceptualized over many years, several shared bottles of wine, late night conversations unwinding until 2 AM, and in-depth discussions about life. It comes down to connecting with the right people to accomplish the things in life that are important….things that you can’t do alone.

We, the three co-founders, are initially linked through Nova Linea company dancer, Sydney Goemen – an alumni of Kellie’s. Sydney and Jared became close friends while attending the University of Arizona School of Dance. It was through Jared’s piece at the prestigious Capezio ACE Awards, where Sydney was a featured dancer, that we all finally connected. The years of wine drinking began, along with countless hours spent surrounded in music and dance. Recognizing each other’s unique gifts was easy and we became increasingly invested in each other’s lives and futures. As the timing of life unveiled itself to us, we also recognized what we could be together.

In founding Nova Linea, we have created another opportunity for a dancer’s career and now have a platform to share our stories and artistry. We are touching communities and enhancing the human experience with live theater. And we still enjoy sharing wine!

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