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215 Jackson St, San Francisco, CA 94111, USA

About 42nd Street Moon

42nd Street Moon is one of the first of the now increasingly popular “musical revival companies” and has presented over 100 concert versions or intimately produced musicals since its founding in 1993. After Ian Marshall Fisher’s Discover the Lost Musicals series in London, 42nd Street Moon is the next oldest, worldwide, of these companies devoted to the preservation and performance of “lost” musical theater. We have presented the American premieres of lost musical scores such as Jerome Kern’s Three Sisters, which was written in 1934 but never heard in America until our 1995 season, 61 years later, then revived again with additional material in 2011. In other cases, we have given the public the first production of a musical since its original Broadway run, such as Rodgers and Hart’s 1926 musical Peggy-Ann.

The research required to re-stage these timeless gems involves many hours of locating missing scores and scripts and piecing them together. As a result of both the dedicated research efforts of our Artistic Directors and also our success in putting these restored classics on stage, the organization has developed solid working relationships with the Gershwin Trustees, the Cole Porter Trustees, the Rodgers & Hammerstein Organization, the Kurt Weill Organization, and the families of Yip Harburg, Jerome Kern, and Dorothy and Herbert Fields. 42nd Street Moon’s work has been sufficiently distinguished that Theodore S. Chapin, president of the Rodgers and Hammerstein Organization of New York, named it one of the most important theatre companies currently staging the masterpieces of the American musical theatre.

As a professional company, 42nd Street Moon is on Tier 4 of the Bay Area Theatre Agreement of Actors’ Equity Association.

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Michael Rhone

Performer, Actor, Singer

  San Francisco, California

7 productions

Edward Hightower

Performer, Artistic Staff, Teacher

  Livermore, California

1 production

Saif Eddin

Performer, Artistic Staff, Teacher

  Oakland, California

2 productions

Andrea St. Clair

Performer, Artistic Staff, Teacher

  Sacramento, California

3 productions

Patrick Wayne Brewer

Performer, Actor, Dancer

  San Francisco, California

2 productions