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27132 Main St, Conifer, CO 80433, USA

About The Venue Theatre Company

In 2013, The Venue Theatre was created. Built as a 501c3 educational nonprofit organization, The Venue was created as a safe haven for Colorado's youth. We focus exclusively on the education of elementary, middle, and high school students. Since its conception, The Venue has grown to support a diverse group of students from more than 25 different schools in the greater Denver and Foothills area.

At The Venue, we strive to give young people the best theater education possible. For decades, each member of our team has devoted his or her energy to passionately teaching theater arts and their related skills. The Venue is more than just a 5O1c3 nonprofit theater—it's a family of committed parents, volunteers, and instructors all working toward one common goal, creating the best environment for children and young adults to become all that they can be.

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Ryan Comer

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  Lakewood, CO

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