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945 Portola Rd, Portola Valley, CA 94028, USA

About Portolla Valley Theater Conservatory

Located in the serene redwoods of northern California, Portola Valley Theatre Conservatory strives to create quality theatrical experiences for audiences and artists throughout the Bay Area Peninsula. PVTC was founded by Artistic Director Cheryl Goodman-Morris, who is also pastor of Worship and Arts at Valley Presbyterian Church. It was Cheryl’s desire, along with PVTC Board Chair, Tom Kelley, and the members of Valley Pres to create a quality theatre arts program that would open VPC’s doors wide to the community. PVTC was incorporated as a 501c3 in 1994. Currently, 150 students, kindergarten through high school, take performing arts classes weekly at the Valley Pres campus. In addition, our teaching artists conduct classes in local schools, home schools, and in East Palo Alto. Plays and musicals featuring kids and adults focus on messages of hope and transformation. It has been thrilling to see that in our 17 years of existence, hundreds of students and thousands of audience members have become part PVTC’s special arts community!

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