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Blaxland NSW 2774, Australia

About Blue Mountains Musical Society

The Blue Mountains Musical idea, initiated by two music loving ladies; Heather Gwilliam and Jenny Edmonds, who just happened to know a music loving bloke; Barrie McNicol, who just happened to know a ‘CRAZY’ but talented piano player Phyllis Huthnance, who all agreed a Musical Society would be just the place for stage folk and musos alike to get together and produce good music and lasting friendships.

A public meeting was called and with an enthusiastic group of 45 people the very first BMMS production of ‘Trial By Jury’ at Springwood Uniting Church was in full progress. For just $3 a ticket the audience packed into the church hall. So successful was the response that members decided to produce full stream and formed a committee. This all happened in 1981! Not that long ago really, when one considers how far BMMS has come since those early days.

The committee then staged ‘The Sorcerer’ at the bigger venue of Springwood High School Auditorium. Friends, Lovers, associates and relatives worked many fun filled hours behind the scenes building not only the sets required, but a tremendous goodwill, which greatly contributed getting the show on the road. With members joining the society by the dozens, it was evident that not only did we have the talent for operetta, but the company was versatile enough to produce musical comedy and so ‘Viva Mexico!’ proved to be another success and it goes on.

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Jacqui Dwyer

Performer, Fan, Actor

  Springwood, NSW

3 productions

Annastasia Denton

Performer, Artistic Staff, Teacher

  Penrith, NSW

3 productions