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San Francisco, CA

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A.C.T. is internationally recognized for its groundbreaking productions of classical works and bold explorations of contemporary playwriting. Since the reopening of the American Conservatory Theater (formerly the Geary) in 1996, A.C.T. has enjoyed a remarkable period of audience expansion and renewed financial stability. The company continues to produce challenging theater in the rich context of symposia, audience discussions, and community interaction.
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(415) 749-2228

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415 Geary St, San Francisco, CA 94102, USA


Steven Ho

Performer, Fan, Actor

  Los Angeles, CA

Callie Cesewski

Performer, Actor, Dancer

  San Francisco, CA

Nemuna Ceesay

Performer, Fan, Actor

  New York, New York

Charlotte Kearns

Performer, Teacher, Actor

  San Francisco, CA

Allegra Edwards

Performer, Fan, Actor

  Los Angeles, California

Danielle Frimer

Performer, Actor, Voice Over

  San Francisco, California

Alex Shafer

Performer, Actor, Voice Over

  Richmond, CA

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