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Evergreen, CO 80439, USA

About Evergreen Chorale

The Evergreen Chorale (EC) is a vibrant community choir which offers music education and performance opportunities for our multi-generational membership. Since its “birth” in 1972 when a group of friends gathered around a piano, the EC has grown to a diverse body of over 100 talented and committed performers and partnered with several performing arts organizations throughout Jefferson County and the greater Denver area to present choral concerts for a wide variety of patrons from throughout the region.

The EC began as a small community singing group and has evolved tremendously over the past 47 years into one of the premier community choirs in the state and become the owner of Center Stage as well as a producer of high-quality musicals noteworthy for the professional caliber of its performers, a concert series, and Summer Music Camp. In addition, we now have a chamber choir, Altezza. Because of the extent of all these endeavors, in 2018 we created “Ovation West Performing Arts” as an umbrella under which all of our activities are united, yet distinct. The EC draws members, performers, and patrons from within and well beyond the mountain community; a testament to its success and growing reputation.

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