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1080 Acoma St, Denver, CO 80204, USA

About Curious Theatre Company

The mission of Curious Theatre Company is to engage the community in important contemporary issues through provocative modern theatre. Our Core Values: We are a feisty cultural home. Our work is unapologetically progressive. We are fearless pioneers of new work. We fiercely commit to equity, diversity, and inclusion. We have an unwavering commitment to artistic and professional excellence. History “No guts, no story” embodies the ethos of Curious Theatre Company. Established in 1997 by a vanguard Artistic Company that has since grown to 25 professional actors, designers, and directors, Curious brings the best new theatre to Denver. We produce thought-provoking plays designed to challenge ideas, stir emotions, and leave audiences thinking and talking for days.

Curious has cultivated a local and national reputation as a destination for artists and playwrights to foster and develop new work, and as a place where audiences are challenged.

Now entering our third decade of bringing thought-provoking theatre to Denver, Curious Theatre Company’s rich history showcases our commitment to playwrights with gutsy things to say.

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