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Arnold, MO 63010, USA

About Arnold Community Theatre Troupe

In January of 2011, a group of Fox High School Theatre Troupe alumni and their families banded together to put on a production of the Christmas Carol. The performance was dedicated to Mr. Michael W. Nash, a mentor and friend to the theatre troupe, who passed away last September of terminal cancer. At the performance, over $900 was collected and donated to the American Cancer Society in memory of Mr. Nash. But where are these alumni now?

After the success of the performance and the camaraderie they shared, the group didn’t want to stop performing together. They decided it was about time for them to form a group of their own and continue performing for the public. And so, the Arnold Community Theatre Troupe (ACTT) was born. Anyone in the Arnold community and surrounding area is welcome to become a member. We are a fun loving bunch that always enjoy meeting new people. We are all volunteer based so we would love any new help that we can receive.

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Jennifer Kerner

Performer, Artistic Staff, Actor

  Maryland Heights, MO

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