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Chicago, IL, USA

About Waltzing Mechanics

WALTZING MECHANICS PRODUCES DOCUMENTARY THEATRE INSPIRED BY REAL PEOPLE TELLING STORIES ABOUT THEIR LIVES. USING METHODS OF PERFORMANCE ETHNOGRAPHY, WE FACILITATE DIALOGUES AMONG OUR AUDIENCES AND WITHIN OUR COMMUNITIES. Waltzing Mechanics was founded in 2010 as an ensemble dedicated to original documentary theatre. Our first show, EL Stories, was a critical hit and became a successful late night series at the Greenhouse Theater Center, spanning 28 different editions over six years and featuring hundreds of Chicago actors and original stories.

As Waltzing Mechanics’ collection of live documentaries continues to grow, we celebrate the unique values of documentary theatre in education, civic planning, and public dialogue. While our creative roots remain in Chicago, we are committed to sharing our stories regionally and with audiences poised for conversations around social change.

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