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Riverdale, GA 30274, USA

About Simboya Entertainment Group

Simboya Films, LLC was Founded by, Mboya Peters and Co-Founder Simuel Rankins. Simboya Films is an Atlanta based multi-award-winning film and entertainment company specializing in the "total" entertainment package. Paving the way for black cinema in the South for years has helped to establish Simboya Films as one of the premiere movie studios in the Atlanta area.

Simboya Films has brought five major independent releases to market including “Get Down On It”, “Chop Shop”, “The Jack Squad”, “Angry Kelly", "Lunch Tales" a web series and their latest made for TV project "Drummer Girl", along with a slew of National Television Commercial and Music Videos.

Simboya Films also acts as a showrunner for selected projects to take them to National Distribution.

Along with producing comedies, drama’s and music videos, Simboya has also lent their producing experience to television mega-giant the CW Network formerly known as UPN with their hit television shows Simboya@Nite and Video Slam.

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