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About The Theater Project

The mission of the Theater Project is to expose audiences to new or lesser-known plays on thought-provoking themes that speak to the concerns of the community. We believe that theater can provide a safe space to talk about difficult topics, so we showcase plays that satirize historical events and societal norms, or focus on social justice issues. TTP includes opportunities for audiences to discuss the topics addressed with each other and invited guest panelists possessing special knowledge and insight. We invite our audiences to enjoy the exchange of ideas as they “think theater.”

The Theater Project is an incubator for rising talent and a showcase for NJ artists, providing 200 opportunities each year on stage and off to writers, directors, designers and actors though our many programs: a three-production mainstage series, a monthly staged reading of a work in progress that offers audiences an opportunity to dialogue with the author; a summer musical theater program for children; a monthly playwrights' script development workshop; an annual competition for New Jersey high school playwrights, and two annual festivals of one-act plays showcasing area authors.


​The Theater Project was founded in 1994. For over twenty years, under the leadership of Mark Spina, Artistic Director, we have provided well-rounded programs on a relatively small budget to audiences who relish and seek out stimulating, new theater.

Providing a forum to express ideas that spark the imagination, and challenge the mind is what we strive to do. Encouraging our audiences to think beyond the status quo and elevate the discourses around important contemporary issues is germane to our purpose.

Most importantly, our audience is willing to take a chance on a title or author they have never encountered before, knowing they will be engaged, challenged and entertained.

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