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New York, NY, USA

About Underling Productions

The mission of Underling Productions is to support and produce the work of emerging or early career performers, artists, educators, and administrators who strive for creative excellence. With a commitment to re-imagining classical works of theatre and transporting them into modern contexts and vivid realities, Underling is the point of collision between past and present by means of performance and educational initiatives.

HISTORY Launched on August 9, 2013, Underling Productions has produced new translations, new works, theatre for young audience shows, and more, using classical plays and literature as source material.

Lead by co-founders Meghan Blakeman and Allyson Capetta, Underling serves as a platform for actors and performers, and also as a professional development tool for designers and theatre administrators.


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Marielle Renée Rousseau

Performer, Actor, Voice Over

  New York, NY

1 production

Justis Selman

Performer, Actor, Voice-over

  New York, NY

1 production