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3300 Joaquin Miller Rd, Oakland, CA 94602, USA

About Woodminster Summer Musicals

The Woodminster Amphitheater is a classic open-air performance facility that seats over 1500. In its early years, it was host to a variety of performances, pageants, and events. Then, in the summer of 1967, a fledgling Oakland arts organization called Producers Associates began to produce Broadway musicals at the Woodminster Amphitheater. A beloved Oakland tradition was born.

Producers Associates, Inc. was founded by Harriet and Jim Schlader when they came home to Oakland after successful Broadway careers. From its founding, the organization has been dedicated to bringing classic American musical theatre to new generations, and is now in its 49th season of presenting musicals each summer in Oakland.

A uniquely American art form, American musical theatre has evolved considerably over the decades. Producers Associates has always remained true to its mission of presenting big, entertaining musicals from various eras. For many Oaklanders, Woodminster was their first exposure to live theatre, and they remember being brought there as children for a picnic supper and the summertime magic of music under the stars. In these families, season tickets are passed down from generation to generation, and evenings at Woodminster are an annual tradition.

Woodminster Summer Musicals provide a rare opportunity to see quality Broadway musicals at a price half that of the major houses across the Bay. They’re a beloved tradition for many Oakland families, and a memorable treat for visitors to the city.

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