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2505 S Hwy 89, Perry, UT 84302, USA

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Our building was built in 1890, and served for nearly 80 years as the Perry Ward of the LDS (Mormon) Church. Although the exterior still looks like a church, the interior houses rehearsal space, scene shops, business office, and a 208-seat auditorium.

In 1969, as the Golden Spike celebrated its 100th anniversary, the Box Elder County centennial committee rallied behind an idea of writing and producing an original script with music that would capture the spirit of railroad fever in Northern Utah of 1869. Drauca J. Holmes and Lucille Lawson were given the task of researching, creating, and staging the story, which they entitled Gandy Dancers. Mayor Olaf Zundel, then mayor of Brigham city, was overwhelmed by the favorable response to the production. He asked Holmes to organize a community theatre group for the city's recreation program.

In 1970, the Brigham City Community Theatre was formed. It staged many shows at Box Elder High School and other borrowed stages. By 1975, the group of volunteers had expanded to the point of needing a permanent home for its productions. A door-to-door campaign was launched to raise down-payment money to purchase the vacant Perry LDS Church building, located south of Brigham City.

In their new 161-seat location, the theatre group was able to grow into an independent, viable non-profit organization, known today as Heritage Community Theatre, Inc. In 1991, the auditorium was expanded to 208 seats. "Many community theatre groups do not survive more than four or five years," explained Holmes, "But Heritage Theatre sets a new record with every new production."

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Leanette Bailey

Performer, Artistic Staff, Teacher

  Grand Rapids, Michigan

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Rodney Carlson

Performer, Actor

  San Antonio, Texas

3 productions

Sheri Beth Dusek

  Wyoming, Michigan

1 production

Alex Young

Performer, Fan, Actor

  Brigham City, UT

1 production