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Washington, DC, USA

About Stone Park Productions

Employing a global network of talented artists, StonePark is capable of taking films from development all the way to distribution, spanning every phase of production entirely in-house.

Crafting a strong script as a blueprint for production is essential, enabling our team to then build upon that solid foundation with conceptual designs and visualizations that pave the way for set construction and, ultimately, principal photography. From there, we oversee editing, visual effects, and sound design, assembling all the pieces to create a stirring narrative.

It's our belief that a powerful film with ambitious scope shouldn't have to be produced within the traditional "box" that is Hollywood. And we're going to prove it.COMPANY VISIONStonePark is focused on becoming the largest motion picture production company on the East Coast, handling design, production, and distribution of top quality films all under one roof

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