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Haverfordwest, Haverfordwest, Pembrokeshire, UK

About The Merlin Theatre Company

Built in 1974, The Merlin Theatre a registered charity, is run by a small number of professional staff and a dedicated army of volunteers. It has a 240-seat auditorium with a smaller, outdoor, amphitheatre (ECOS) and is situated on the campus of Frome Community College. We programme theatre, dance, comedy, live literature and music by professional and non-professional companies, show films and run regular classes and workshops and one-off, participatory projects.

The Merlin is a venue without pretension, where professional and non-professional artists, audiences and participants – new and established, feel at home. It is a venue where the quality of work is consistently high, where ticket prices are affordable and where performance and participation are valued equally.

Our purpose and beliefs: To provide the people of Frome and the surrounding area with excellent, memorable experiences in the performing arts.

We believe that opportunities to enjoy the arts, whether as a member of an audience or as a participant in a production, a workshop or class, can significantly increase the well-being and quality of life of individuals, of communities and of society as a whole.

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Sophie Davies

Performer, Actor, Dancer

  Wales, Wales

2 productions