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Fressingfield, Suffolk, UK

About Roughcast

The RoughCast Theatre Company was born in 2000 and many of those associated with it then remain part of it today. We are an amateur group in the original sense of doing it “for the love of it” but we hope the negative connotation of the word does not apply to us.

As a company, we tend to stage classic plays, although that is not a hard and fast rule. One reason for keeping to the tried and tested, and especially the well-known, is to guarantee audience numbers. Staging a play is an expensive business these days, and we aim for productions to break even at least. It ensures that we have a future!

We are a touring company and necessarily travel light. So you will not usually find very much in the way of a set, or indeed a stage in the normal sense. We currently average three productions over two years with at least one being an outdoor production.

Things are run by a small, but dedicated, committee, who tend also to act, direct, or form part of the backstage team. We have no chairman and decide everything collectively. When it comes to choosing plays and casting, we have a very simple approach. Someone says they want to direct a play and we pretty much let them do so and select their cast. The only exception is if the play is likely to cost considerably more to stage than it is likely to return in income. Unlike many professional companies, we have no public money or sponsorship to support loss-making ventures!

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Matt Bruty

Performer, Actor, Singer

  England, England

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