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3512 5 Ave NW, Calgary, AB T2N 0V7, Canada

About Morpheus Theatre

Morpheus Theatre Mandate Our mission is to assist actors, directors, and crew for a lifetime in the theatre, by providing them with education and production experience.

Morpheus G&S Singers Mandate The mandate of the Morpheus G&S Singers is to provide a venue where those that have an interest in learning the music of Gilbert and Sullivan can join together and form a chorus and, under talented leadership, take the music of Gilbert and Sullivan out to the wider community both as a chorus and as cast in the annual Morpheus G&S productions.

Morpheus Theatre Vision Statement Our vision is to achieve excellence in Community Theatre.

We are committed to excellence in:

Producing community theatre by selection and presentation of shows worth seeing that attract audience and volunteer participation; Management of the Society by having an effective board structure, policies and strong financial planning; Training for all areas of theatre through high quality workshops, mentoring, and production experience; Managing Volunteers by providing skilled leadership, rewarding and fulfilling experiences, respect and recognition; The works of Gilbert and Sullivan, by providing training and performance opportunities.

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Mike Johnson

  Calgary, Alberta

15 productions

Vicki Trask

Performer, Actor, Dancer

  Calgary, AB

1 production