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As a PMA major at Cornell, you will take courses in four rubric areas: Creative Authorship, Design, Embodied Performance and History/Theory/Criticism (see further descriptions below). You will also specialize by pursuing a sequence of courses in the rubric area of primary interest to you. Production laboratories provide practical experience building, running and managing theatre productions, dance concerts and film shoots. Across these courses and labs, our majors benefit from the synergies between the study and practice of dance and movement, live theatre and media arts.

Through their involvements in PMA, students will develop the following:

  • The capacity to engage aesthetic categories and develop language for critical discussion
  • Creative and critical skills in performance and media
  • Understanding by study and through experience the collaborative and interdisciplinary nature of creative work
  • Understanding how creative work is made
  • A deepened historical knowledge of inter-cultural traditions on a global scale

The graduate program in performing and media arts at Cornell University offers students an interdisciplinary environment in which to pursue critical studies of various dramatic cultures, theatrical traditions, film and media productions, and expressive behavior in multilingual, intermedial, and globalizing performance contexts. The program is located within the Department of Performing and Media Arts and comprises distinguished faculty from across the humanities.

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