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About Class Act Productions

Class Act Productions has grown substantially since it began in 1996 when director and co-founder Keith Brumfield, an area choral director, saw the need in The Woodlands for a community youth theatre. He and teaching associate Kathy Goodfellow invested their own funds, held auditions, and presented their first performance of Bye Bye Birdie in the winter of 1997. Keith says, “We have been very fortunate to exist in such a supportive community with so many talented and dedicated students."

The Class Act season includes four main stage productions a year. The company has performed over seventy full-scale musical productions since inception and has caught the attention of many local theatre enthusiasts. David Dow Bentley, known as "The People's Critic", had this to say about a production of West Side Story: “In my more than ten years of reviewing this outstanding youth theatre company, I have learned not to be surprised by excellence…this blockbuster production takes us into another world of dazzling theatrical wonder that no one could expect from a local ‘non-professional’ production.”

CLASS ACT STARS ON TOUR, Class Act’s public relations ensemble was created to fill the many community and private requests for quality entertainment. "We wanted to offer students a chance not only to perform in the theatre, but in other venues as well,” said Mr. Brumfield. These performers prepare and perform choreographed music all around the community—and even around the country!

Class Act now has a School of Musical Theatre. They are able to offer classes in acting, dance and voice. “The theatrical skills taught will be utilized by children for the rest of their lives. They will learn to be more confident and aware of themselves and more cooperative in their interactions with others,” says Tina Kraft, local theatre instructor and assistant director for Class Act. Classes range by age and fill up quickly.

Faithful financial supporters cover about thirty percent of costs for each production on a season-by-season basis. Class Act has a loyal fan base, including members of our community who appreciate the arts. "It is a great investment for the community to support Class Act Productions and the outstanding talent of these young people" says Greg Jordon, Woodlands resident and Director of Commercial Sales for The Woodlands Development Company. The financial support from the community and the volunteer efforts from parents make Class Act productions an overwhelming success.

Class Act’s productions are indeed a “Class Act” and you owe it to yourself to explore this theatrical gold mine in our community. In the words of David Dow Bentley, “You may remember that Victor Hugo said, 'Life’s greatest happiness is to be greatly loved.' I am sure I speak for many when I assure you that in this beautiful community of The Woodlands, Class Act is very greatly loved!”

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