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Berkeley, CA, USA

About Quantum Dragon Theatre

We believe that science fiction (and fantasy, and post-apocalyptic wastelands, techno-dystopias, steampunk utopias, time travel paradoxes, superheroes, Lovecraftian horror, and everything in between) is awesome. We also believe that live theatre is awesome. Quantum Dragon is about taking these awesome things and merging them together.

We are the San Francisco Bay Area's first and only speculative-fiction-centric theatre company. We love these kinds of stories, but they are almost never to be seen on stage - we exist to solve this problem. Don't expect to see any Shakespeare or Ibsen here: we're focused on original works, rarely performed spec-fic plays, and adaptations of your favorite genre stories. That's just how we roll.

Our promise to you is that we will never let off the gas, rest on our laurels, or dabble in the mundane. Always expect the unexpected. By pushing the boundaries of the theatre and telling these new types of stories, we hope to fascinate, entertain, and maybe (just maybe) learn a little more about what it means to live in this crazy reality of ours.

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