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About EAT New Works Series

The Emerging Artists Theatre (EAT) NEW WORK SERIES (NWS) is a three-week developmental program that provides theater artists of different disciplines the opportunity to present one performance of a polished “work-in-progress” with audience feedback. Most pieces selected for NWS will have never before been performed in front of an audience. Some selections will have been performed once or twice but will feature new material. We are not interested in seeing established pieces of theatre. We want to see something brand spanking new hit the stage for the first, or nearly the first time. We like to think of this series as an opportunity for artists to share their “second draft” of a new piece. There is no submission charge, and no obligation to participate if chosen. Successful Fringe, NYMF, and Off-Broadway shows have been borne out of this series, and Emerging Artists is excited to present a new round of opportunities to local artists for yet another year.

We are accepting submissions for the following new works:

Solo Shows Dance Cabaret Musicals (Short and Long) Short Plays

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David Salyers

Performer, Actor, Singer

  Fort Lee, New Jersey

1 production