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Dracula by Steven Dietz closely follows the source material of the novel. The suspenseful story is based on the classic legend of the Transylvanian vampire Dracula. The lead characters in the play work to piece together Dracu... read more

Fiction is a play about the secrets in the lives of a seemingly devoted couple, Linda Waterman and Michael Waterman. The set is minimal and the play only requires three actors. Linda is a professor who has written one success... read more

Foolin' Around with Infinity is set in a missile silo under Utah. This play is a political comedy. The main characters are Air Force officers waiting to set off a nuke. They start to lose their minds in part due to the isolat... read more

Force of Nature is a play based on Goethe’s Elective Affinities. The setting is 1908 in Germany. The plot focuses on an idealistic married couple. Adulterous passions destroy the nature of their relationship. The story is som... read more

Go, Dog, Go Is a play for children, adapted from the children’s book Go,Dog, Go Written by P.D. Eastman. The play is a combination of music, color, and physical comedy. Dogs of all colors, shapes and sizes live in a magical w... read more

God's Country deals with racial hatred and a true story about an event in the 1980's. The story is about a white supremacist who commits crimes to raise money for its acts of racial hatred. This group was called The Order. Ev... read more

Halcyon Days satirizes the 1983 American invasion of the small island nation of Grenada. In Grenada, Alex, is a medical student attending St. George’s University along with his girlfriend, Linda. Linda works in a local gift s... read more

An adaptation of the book by Dan Guttman. A young boy named Joey, who loves baseball, finds the rarest baseball card ever in his neighbor's attic while he is cleaning it. The card is of Honus Wagner, who promptly appears an... read more

Inventing VanGogh is a play set in an abandoned warehouse in France. The story takes place in the present day, but also as some flashbacks from the late 1800’s. The plot is about the final VanGogh portrait. A dealer convinces... read more

Ben, an old Vietnam veteran and a handyman, lives in a California trailer park surrounded by ground that is polluted by toxic waste. Despite thirty years having passed since the war ended, he is still haunted by the war. His... read more

In an unnamed American city in the early 1980s during the AIDS epidemic, a gay man in his 40s named Jody owns a map store. A friend of his, Carl, a gay man in his 30s, is a frequent visitor to the store. Carl starts putting c... read more

In Steven Dietz’s clever, fierce and heartbreaking tribute to The Seagull, Chekhov’s star-crossed lovers meet over and over again. In forty-three variations on their famous final scene, the young actress Nina and the young wr... read more

A husband and wife, Matthew and Lisa, rehearse a play for a British director, Adrian. Adrian seduces Lisa right under Matthew’s nose, but Matthew does not want to admit the truth to himself. Eventually, Adrian’s wife, Cory ar... read more

After Donny ends up missing his daughter's sixteenth birthday and his wife leaves him, he decides to sell everything he has at a huge yard sale. His two friends Buck and Louise are worried about him, but he ploughs on. Even... read more

A reinterpretation of Sherlock Holmes’ last great story, involving his arch nemesis, Professor Moriarty. The King of Bohemia is blackmailed, and the opera singer, Irene Adler, may be one of the suspects. Somehow, Moriarty and... read more

This play is a two person show about two ex-lovers who reunite in a snowed-in airport. The lead characters, Elena and Reed, were in love during college and lead a free spirited life. They experimented with open relationships.... read more

A hot young musician, Cody, has recently made the cover of Rolling Stone. He is engaged to Becca, a publisher's assistant. However, he is also interested in an older musician, Leah, who has become rather cynical about the b... read more


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