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In 1666, Ned Kynaston is the most celebrated actor on the English stage. His specialty: Shakespeare’s tragic heroine, Desdemona. After the newly reinstated King Charles II decides to allow women to play female roles in public... read more

Mother Russia is about three different people who go to Russia, each person on a different quest. A Witch for hire discusses her services: she can help these three people achieve their goals. Later, in comedic sequences, he... read more

Murderers is a play based on three separate monologues about people in Florida retirement communities. Each person announces that they are a murderer. The first character is a man who marries his wife's mother to avoid real... read more

A Picasso is a two-person play based on Picasso’s years in Paris during World War 2. Pablo Picasso has been summoned from his favorite café by German occupation forces to a storage vault across the city for an interrogation.... read more

Scotland Road is about a woman who is found floating on an iceberg in 19th century clothing. She is rescued and starts speaking about the Titanic. She is taken to Maine for an interrogation. A mysterious man named John seek... read more

SMASH is based on the novel, An Unsocial Socialist by George Bernard Shaw. It is about a millionaire who abandons his bride because he fears her love for her will make him abandon his plans to overthrow the British government... read more

What Corbin Knew is a comedy about Richard Corbin who is an architect that has a fancy skybox. He meets and invites two new couples to enjoy his skybox. One couple is rich and obnoxious and the other is also obnoxious but st... read more


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