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Sometimes called the "Irish Chekhov," Brian Friel was once called by NYTimes critic Vincent Canby,Ireland's "greatest living dramatist." In 1996, he wrote that Friel, “dazzled us with plays that speak in a language of unequaled poetic beauty and intensity.”

Much of Friel's work is set in Ballybeg, an imaginary town that Friel set in Donegal, Northern Ireland.

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Brian Friel’s one-act, Afterplaym features two Chekhovian characters who meet twenty years after we last encountered them in each of Chekhov's plays. Sonya, Uncle Vanya’s devoted niece, and Andrey, the intellectual but henpec... read more

Aristocrats gives us a portrait of a fallen family, the O'Donnells. They once were Irish Roman Catholic nobility, but now, with the impending death of their patriarch, their long line of district judges will come to an end.... read more

Set in the fictional Irish village of Ballybeg, Ireland, Dancing at Lughnasa is a memory play, told from the perspective of an adult Michael. He recalls one summer he spent at his aunts' home when he was seven years old. The... read more

Presented in four monologues by three characters, Brian Friel's Faith Healer is the story of Frank, a traveling showman who also occasionally heals people; his bitter, angry, but still loving wife; and his once-plucky, now-ti... read more

Fathers and Sons is Brian Friel's adaptation of Turgenev's novel. The play follows Bazarov, a nihilistic, unsentimental revolutionary, as he comes into conflict with the older generation of Russian liberals of the 1830s and... read more

Tom and Daisy Connolly are awaiting the visit of David Knight, an American literary agent who promises them financial security with the sale of Tom's papers to a university. Tom is a critically successful novelist who needs... read more

It is August 1878 in County Donegal, Ireland, at the Lodge, the decaying home of the Gores, a family of English aristocrats. The time is just before the onset of agrarian reform, the movement that would begin to restore Irel... read more

Lovers consists of two parts: Winners and Losers. In Winners, two commentators speak without emotion about the life and death of young Mag and Joe, who are destined to be married in three weeks due to Mag’s pregnancy. The two... read more

Brian Friel's play tells the story of Molly, a woman who has been blind since infancy, who undergoes an operation to attempt to restore her sight. We hear the story from the perspectives of Molly, her husband, Frank, and Dr.... read more

A Month in the Country is Friel's adaptation of Turgenev's play of the same name. Belyayev is a young tutor who has been at Islayev's estate in the country for one month. He finds himself at the center of a love triangle ab... read more

Translations is set in a small Irish town in the summer of 1833. Hugh O'Donnell is the headmaster of a hedge school, a rural school that teaches basic education to farm families. Hugh's older son, Manus, teaches there with... read more


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