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Born and raised in Jackson, Mississippi, it's no surprise that Beth Henley's written works, both screenplays and plays, commonly center on stories of women in the rural south. The daughter of an actress, she herself participated in the theatre onstage in her teenage years and into college. During her studies at Southern Methodist University, Henley completed her first short play, Am I Blue. Her most-known works include titles like The Miss Firecracker Contest, Impossible Marriage, and Crimes of the Heart. Crimes of the Heart won the 1981 Pulitzer Prize for Drama, and was additionally nominated for a Tony Award. Henley's subsequent screenplay for "Crimes of the Heart" was nominated for an Academy Award. With a wholly unique style of writing, employing techniques from southern gothic and black comedy genres, Henley frequently uses quirks and oddities of her characters' personalities to reveal their deepest vulnerabilities. Romantic connection, familial love, complex sibling and parent dynamics, struggle to fit in, and life in the American South are frequent themes in her pieces of dramatic literature. Henley's heartwarming, honest, and gutsy work has earned her a prominent name, especially alongside southern woman writers whose stories and style inspired her own.

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