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It is a well-known tale: King Shahryar, after finding his first wife in the arms of another, murders her and her lover. Left alone, the King decides to marry a new woman eight night -- only to kill her in the morning. That... read more

Argonautika is a theatrical retelling of ancient myth of Jason and the Argonauts. Jason goes on a quest to capture the Golden Fleece. On his journey, his crew encounters monsters, goddesses, nymphs and more amazing sights. M... read more

M. Proust is a 1-person play based on the writings of Celeste Albaret & Marcel Proust. The play is based on Celeste ALbaret who was Marcel Proust's confidant, and personal assistant. Albaret witnessed the creation of Proust's... read more

Metamorphosis is based on thousands-year-old, stories presented in vignettes. Both presentational and representational in style, the show features many of the characters who are familiar to audiences from common myths and le... read more


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Drama, Romance, Fairy Tale/Fantasy, Historical/Biographical