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The opera tells the story of the myth that Hyacinth died accidentally due to a discus thrown by Apollo, which struck Hyacinth on the head. Further, another myth tells, it was the wind god Zephyrus who was actually responsible... read more

The goddess Venus has had a son by Aeneas. Her son, Ascanio, has been betrothed to Sylvia, a girl he has never met. Thus, to test Sylvia's virtue, Venus instructs Ascanio to visit Sylvia under an assumed identity as a forei... read more

Bastienne, a shepherdess, fears that Bastien, has forsaken her for another girl, and decides to go into the pasture to be comforted by her flock of lambs. Before she can leave, however, she runs into Colas, the village sooth... read more

One of Mozart’s last operas, La clemenza di Tito , is a story of friendship and forgiveness triumphing over jealousy and violence. The new emperor of Rome, Tito, is much loved by the Roman people, with the exception of Vitell... read more

A hilarious farce, Così fan tutte revolved around a bet made among three men; Don Alfonso, the older and more cynical of the bunch, bets Ferrando and Guglielmo that he can prove that their girlfriends, Fiordiligi and Dorabell... read more

Der Schauspieldirektor revolves around the woes of an impresario, Frank, who must put together a company of actors and singers while dealing with their whims, rivalries and pretensions. Actors and actresses are auditioned in... read more

Belmonte, a young Spanish nobleman, has travelled to Turkey to rescue his beloved from the Pasha who is holding her prisoner, along with her maid Blonde and Belmonte’s servant Pedrillo. When Belmonte sees Osmin, the Pasha’s p... read more

Die Zauberflöte was Mozart’s final opera before he died in 1791. Its magical setting and show stopping arias made the opera’s premiere a major success, and have constantly led many to consider it one of if not his best opera... read more

The famous tale of Don Giovanni centers around the womanizing libertine and his conquests. Don Giovanni sneaks into Il Commendatore’s house, with his side kick, Leporello, standing guard and attempts to rape or seduce his dau... read more

La Finta Giardiniera tells the story of Count Belfiore and Violante, who were lovers until Belfiore stabbed Violante in a quarrel. Mistakenly believing Violante to be dead, Belfiore has become engaged to the very jealous Armi... read more

Idomeneo, the King of Crete, is returning to Greece after years away at the Trojan War. On his way home, his ship sinks, and he survives only due to the grace of Neptune. In return, Idomeneo agrees to sacrifice the first mo... read more

The king of Macedonia, Alessandro, has overthrown Stratone, the tyrant of Sidon, but aims to find the rightful king. Alessandro in disguise and accompanied by Agenore hears from Aminta of the merits of a simple life and is re... read more

Rome is ruled by the dictator Lucio Silla. Cecilio, banished for plotting against Silla, learns from his friend Cinna that Silla, declaring him dead, is chasing Cecilio's fiancée, Junia. Junia, daughter of Sulla's defeated... read more

Pharnaces and Xiphares are both in love with their father's betrothed, Aspasia. Aspasia, meanwhile, is in love with Xiphares. Pharnaces conspires with the Roman Marcius against his father, Mithridates. Meanwhile, Mithridate... read more

Le Nozze di Figaro is a fantastic farce, continuing the story of the characters from Il barbiere di Seviglia.  The once young and romantic couple, Rosina and Count Almaviva, are now established in their estate near Seville, b... read more


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