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Sam Shepard’s Pulitzer Prize-winning Buried Child takes place in an old farm house, somewhere in Illinois. We are introduced to Dodge, an cranky, sarcastic alcoholic on his death bed, and his chatty, oblivious wife Halie, who... read more

Sam Shepard’s Curse of the Starving Class is a darkly comic look into the world of dysfunctional Tate family, as they struggle amongst themselves for food, freedom, and meaning in their run-down lives. Tate Family patriarch W... read more

This play takes place in a cheap hotel room. May, Eddie and the Old Man are the main characters. The old man, however, is a figment of May and Eddie's imaginations. May can't decide if she wants Eddie to stay or go. Eddie... read more

Beth has been violently beaten - to the point of brain damage - by her overly jealous husband, Jake. As the play begins, she is being cared for by her family. Her brother-in-law, Frankie soon arrives, trying to figure out if... read more

True West follows the story of two estranged brothers, Austin and Lee. Austin is has a successful budding career in the film industry. He offers to housesit for his mother, and decides to work on a new screenplay while he has... read more


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