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The Rhinegold harbors a deep magic in it. Anyone who should make a ring from it could rule the whole world, but the smithy that creates it has to renounce love forever. When Wotan, the ruler of the Gods, finds out that the Rh... read more

The Flying Dutchman has been doomed to an eternity of wandering the seas. Once every seven years, he is able to leave the ship to search for a woman whose perfect love will redeem him. This time, when his seven years are up,... read more

Die Feen is Wagner's first opera with a libretto based on a fairy-tale by Gozzi.... read more

Die Walküre is the second of the four operas that comprise Richard Wagner's "Der Ring des Nibelungen" . The opera concerns the god Woton’s son by a mortal woman, Siegmund. Siegmund flees his foes and ends up in the house of... read more

Brünnhilde sends her lover, Siegfried, off to explore the world keeping only the magic ring he has given her. At the Gibichung castle, he encounters Gunther, Gunther's sister Gutrune, and their half-brother Hagen . Urged on... read more

When King Heinrich of Saxony arrives at Brabant castle, Telramund and his wife, the pagan princess Ortrud, tell the king a lie. They state that Elsa has murdered her brother, Gottfried, in order to inherit his money. Luckil... read more

Tristan has been tasked with deliver the Irish princess, Isolde, to his uncle and her husband to be, King Marke of Cornwall. Isolde is furious at Tristan, and regrets sparing his life as he lay wounded on the battlefield, def... read more


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