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The Acharnians is a hilarious satire, and an indictment of unnecessary war. The play follows the attempts of the hero Dicaeopolis to make a personal peace with the Spartans even though his native city of Athens is fighting in... read more

This Greek play is a comedy that focuses on a group of women who manage to take over Athens. They then institute a socialist state that enforces the idea of equality. They even allow men to sleep with any women that they want... read more

The Birds tells the story of two Athenians, Pithetaerus and Euelpides, who set out in search of a better life. Eschewing the city life they've known, which crowded, noisy and full of annoying pests such as poets, lawyers, phi... read more

Strepsiades, a rich country gentleman, has been brought to penury and deeply involved in debt by the extravagant tastes of his son, Phidippides. Strepsiades hears of the wonderful new art of argument, the royal road to succes... read more

Dionysus “the raucous god of theatre and inebriation" wants to visit the Underworld and see once more his favorite playwright, the deceased Euripides. Accompanied by his slave Xanthius on a donkey and bearing much baggage, D... read more


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