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The show focuses on Anya who resides in a Berlin psychiatric facility in 1925. She is discovered by taxi driver Bounine, a former Cossack general in Czarist Russia. Anya claims to be the supposedly murdered youngest daughter... read more

In 1928 Berlin, the world is between wars and the stock market is booming. The center of the action is the illustrious Grand Hotel. The show concerns the eccentric guests of the hotel including a beautiful Prima Ballerina; th... read more

Set in Vienna in the spring-time, the story of the show is loosely based on the real-life feud between the older and younger Strauss, allegedly because of the father's jealousy of his son's greater talent.... read more

The show concerns the adventures of Sir Edmund Kean, considered the greatest Shakespearean actor of the 18th century. The show focuses mainly on his wild behavior offstage. Trouble ensues as Kean desperately tries to juggle t... read more

With extreme cleverness and a fair amount of luck, the poor street poet, Hajj, rises from the streets of Baghdad to being crowned as Emir by the Wazir of Baghdad. Meanwhile, the Wazir is desperately trying to find a wealthy... read more

Set in Troldhaugen, Norway in 1860, the show follows the lives of three childhood friends: Grieg, fellow composer Rikaard Nordraak and opera singer Louisa Giovanni. Grieg’s love for his childhood sweetheart, Nina, and his cou... read more


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