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The Cat and the Fiddle is a love story focusing on a Romanian composer and an American songwriter. The show focuses on both the clashes in the two cultures as well as their ultimate compatibilities.... read more

King of Cadonia concerns a mythical King of Cadonia, Alexis, who tires of the limitations that are placed on his freedom in part due to conspirators trying to assassinate him. Thus, he disguises himself and escapes his confin... read more

Taking place in Bavaria, the show concerns Sieglinde, the daughter of a music teacher, and her lover Karl, the local schoolmaster. Karl and Sieglinde travel to Munich in order to try to get a song written by Walther and Karl... read more

The story concerns John Kent, a star college football player, who inherits his aunt's dress shop in Paris. After moving to Paris to run the shop, John falls in love with his assistant, Stephanie who turns out to be a Russian... read more

Taking place over fifty years, Show Boat tells the story of a family of performers living on a show boat, and their struggles with gambling, race, infidelity, and poverty. In the beginning of the show, Captain Andy runs extr... read more

‘Sitting Pretty’ involves a family inheritance up for grabs, budding romances for a pair of orphaned twins, and a "New Yoik" con artist with plans to abscond with the family jewels. Wealthy Mr. Pennington decides to adopt an... read more

‘Sunny’ is a love story focusing on three couples. Sunny is trying to escape a forced marriage with Mr. Wendell-Wendell and stows away on a ship heading to New York. On the ship, Tom is traveling with his fiancée Marcia. Real... read more

Eddie Kettle is a very short young man. He is newly married to Georgina, who is spectacularly tall. They honeymoon aboard a Hudson River Day Line. Also on board: Percy Darling, an athlete, who is spectacularly tall, and his n... read more


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