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Taking place in medieval England, the musical makes some wacky additions to the classic childhood story. In the show, Jack climbs the fabled beanstalk, only to find a friendly, lovable Giant and a tap-dancing Golden Goose. A... read more

Taking place in Italy, the musical tells the classic tale of a wooden puppet who wants to become a real boy. The kind woodcarver, Maestro Geppetto, builds a marionette to be his substitute son. Soon, the Blue Fairy brings the... read more

˜A Pocketful of Rhymes' is a musical revue based on the traditional Mother Goose nursery rhymes. Children in the cast use their own first names. The girls include at least one soprano, one mezzo and one alto. The boys inclu... read more

In this musical adaptation of the popular fairy tale, the evil fairy, Trollarina, has sent the beautiful, young Princess Melisande into an everlasting sleep. Luckily, the spell is broken by the kiss of an enchanted Faun/Princ... read more

In ‘Snow White Goes West’ the classic fairy-tale takes place during the Gold Rush. This time Snow White is pitted against a raucous saloon hall owner, Queenie, and her assistant Sneaky Sam. Of course, all ends well thanks to... read more

‘Treasure Island’ is the musical version of this favorite childhood adventure story. It is a thrilling tale of pirates, treasure maps, mutiny on the high seas and pieces of eight follows Jim Hawkins, an ordinary youth drawn i... read more


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