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It is 1950, and Godfrey Crump has just moved his daughters Ernestine and Ermina up to Brooklyn, New York, from the easy southern heat of Florida. His wife has died, and he packed up his still-reeling family to chase the dream... read more

Undine Barnes Calles, a successful black woman who has fought her way to the top of her social echelon, lives a comfortable and busy life as the founder and president of a PR firm meant to cater to other African-American elit... read more

New York circa 1905 is a time and place where rigid social divides along the lines of race, religion, and class exist alongside a burgeoning population of immigrants from abroad and people from all over the U.S., who have mov... read more

A successful African-American couple from New York, Sarah and David Bradley, decide to take a cue from their fancy, socialite friends and take a trip to Africa, hoping to feel a connection to the Motherland and their ancestor... read more

Set in a small mining town in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Lynn Nottage’s Ruined follows Mama Nadi, a businesswoman who is trying to stay afloat in a world torn apart by civil war. The war has ravaged her country, a... read more

It’s the year 2000 in Reading, Pennsylvania and a group of friends go to work at the steel mill and then decompress at the bar like they’ve been doing for over 20 years. But, unbeknownst to them, their lives are about to be u... read more


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