John Guare

John Guare


An Irish-American playwright, born in New York, John Guare also has written libretti for musicals including the 1971 Two Gentlemen of Verona (with Mel Shapiro) and the 2002 musical Sweet Smell of Success.

Shows by John Guare


Chaucer in Rome is set in Rome during the Holy Year 2000, which the Pope has declared a pilgrimage year. Matt, Sarah and Pete are fellows at the Academy of Rome doing their own pilgrimage of a sort, but to art instead of God... read more

The lives of a Queens, New York, family get turned upside down as Pope Paul VI visits New York City. Artie Shaughnessy, a zookeeper/failed singer-songwriter, longs to find fame in Hollywood with his girlfriend, Bunny. Artie’s... read more

Rich and Famous is about a playwright, Bing Ringling, who has produced over 800 plays. However, his producer yearns for a flop, so she can taste failure. She attempts to sabotage his current play. Bing goes on an odyssey wh... read more

When a young and effortlessly charismatic black con man claiming to be the son of Sidney Poitier himself smiles his way into the sympathetic living rooms of a few of New York City’s white wealthy elite, and tears a swath of d... read more

The show concerns sleazy press agent Sidney Falcone and his willingness to do anything to get ahead. Sidney manages to capture the attention and patronage of powerful gossip columnist J.J. Hunsecker. JJ is the most popular co... read more

Childhood best friends Valentine and Proteus are handsome, well-to-do young gentleman, living in beautiful, rural Verona. Intelligent, ambitious Valentine heads off to Milan, intent on making a splash in the big city, while q... read more


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