George Gard "Buddy"  DeSylva

George Gard "Buddy" DeSylva


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The opera takes place in a basement cafe near the intersection of 135th Street and Lennox Avenue in Harlem, New York City. The gambler, Joe, and his girlfriend, Vi, are happily in love. Trouble ensues when the arrogant sing... read more

Louis Blore, attendant in the men's washroom of the Club Petite in New York, wins $75,000 in the Irish sweeps. Having long had a crush on the star of the floor show, May Daly, Louis seeks to win her away from her fiancé. H... read more

The roaring ‘20s are in full swing on the campus of Tait College, and the cheerful young sheiks and flappers would rather be flirting on the quad, cheering on the football team, or dancing the “Varsity Drag” than studying th... read more

"Panama Hattie" concerns Hattie Maloney, a nightclub singer in Panama, who is engaged to a military officer, Nick Bullett. Hattie desperately wants to fit in with Nick and his upper-crust world. She also struggles to win the... read more


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