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Benvenuto Cellini, the great Florentine sculptor, is sentenced to hang, but he is pardoned when the duke realizes that he has not completed a previously commissioned sculpture. Freed, he is able to turn his attention to his f... read more

In 1647 New Amsterdam a rebellious young man, Brom, falls in love with the Town Councillor’s daughter, Tina. The Town Councillor tries to have Brom hanged but Brom is saved by the arrival of Peter Stuyvesant, the new... read more

On the surface, Liza Elliot is a happy career woman and the editor of a well-known fashion magazine. However, her private depression pushes her to seek psychiatric help from Dr. Brooks. It turns out that Liza is haunted by... read more

Taking place in South Africa, the opera/musical begins with the black priest, Stephen Kumalo, pining for his son Absalom, who has long since left home to earn money for his future education. Reverend Kumalo has had no word fr... read more

The Threepenny Opera is a biting satire of the post-war rise of capitalism, wrapped up in Weill's jazzy score, and the tale of Macheath , a debonair crime lord on the verge of turning his illegal empire into a legitimate bus... read more


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