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Martin Foreman is a British writer, theatre director, and occasional actor who has published two novels, two collections of short stories and several plays. In 2012 he won the New Writing Award for four one-man plays performed at the London Solo Festival. He currently lives in Edinburgh where he is active in community drama.

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Shows by Martin Foreman


At the end of the day a middle-aged priest welcomes a guest into his home. A glass of wine is offered. The two men sit and a conversation slowly begins. The unseen visitor is young, confident, enigmatic; his host is nervous,... read more

In Martin Foreman’s one-act play Ben and Joe’s, a middle-aged white man remembers the gay bar he used to visit, the friends he made there, and how lives were disturbed when one brought in a young black lover.... read more

In Martin Foreman’s one-act play Los Feliz, a hardened New York transplant to Los Angeles feels that his life is passing him by. Bitter, divorced, and with little to no access to his daughter, the Man is living a lonely life... read more

Now We Are Pope: Frederick Rolfe in Venice explores the last hour in the life of writer Frederick Rolfe , who died in Venice in 1913. A complex, cantankerous, and contradictory character, Rolfe relives a turbulent life, in wh... read more

In Martin Foreman's Sunset, a grandmother talks to her husband in northern California at the end of the day. As the sun goes down she remembers their life together, from their first date up to the present day. ... read more

In the classic novella and film Death in Venice, the aging Gustav von Aschenbach becomes obsessed with the beauty of a boy he sees on the beach, the fourteen-year-old Tadzio. Although the two never speak, a silent relationshi... read more


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