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A group of friends are living a bohemian life in Paris and trying to make their livings creating art. Rodolfo, the writer, falls in love with the seamstress, Mimi, while Marcello, the painter, and Musetta, the singer, are th... read more

Edgar loves a pure village-girl and also lusts for the Moorish girl . He ends up running away from the village with Tigrana and lives a life of debauchery. However, he longs to return to Fidelia. To escape from Tigrana, Ed... read more

Minnie, the matron of the Polka saloon, is well-loved by the rough and unruly clientele. Trouble starts, however, when Minnie falls in love with the wanted bandit Ramerrez . Led by Sheriff Jack Rance, the townspeople hope to... read more

In this hysterical farce, Gianni Schicchi opens on the Donati family mourning the passing of their patriarch, Buoso. Their tears, however, are not real until they discover that Buoso has left his immense fortune to a monaster... read more

Il tabarro is the first opera in Puccini’s Il trittico, which also comprises of and . The story is set on a barge on the river Seine in Paris and the music is continually intertwined with the atmosphere of a hot Paris eveni... read more

M. Butterfly tells the story of a French diplomat posted in China, Rene Gallimard, who is brought to ruin and, eventually, convicted for espionage, after a twenty-year affair with a Beijing Opera diva. The diva, citing her C... read more

This tragic tale revolves around the young Japanese geisha, Butterfly. She is to be married to Pinkerton, an American Officer on assignment in Nagasaki. Butterfly is young and naive, and fully believes her marriage to Pinkert... read more

A tale of ill-fated romance, Manon Lescaut has been a favorite of opera goers since its debut. It is the story of a lovely young woman, Manon, who is being taken by her brother to live in a convent. Des Grieux, a local studen... read more

As the poet, Prunier, speaks of romance and love, Magda, a prostitute, reminisces about her past. She soon realizes that as the mistress of Rambaldo, she is living without love. That night, she dresses up as a working class... read more

Suor Angelica is the tragic tale of a woman who bears a child out of wedlock and is sent to a convent to repent for her sins. The opera follows the sisters on a particular holiday in their year, a celebration of May and the s... read more

A tragic and political love story, Tosca explores how love overcomes all. Mario Cavaradossi, a painter, is deeply in love with Floria Tosca, a famous singer. Cavaradossi helps aid his friend Angelotti who is being pursued by... read more

The famous tale of Turandot revolves around the cold-hearted Princess of Peking, Turandot, and the young Prince of Tartary, Calaf, who falls in love with her at first sight. Having deemed all men unworthy of her hand, Turando... read more

Roberto and Anna's engagement is being celebrated in the house of the forest guard. However, Roberto must go to Mainz on legal matters. This is a bad omen for Anna. Soon, we see how the mermaid seduces Roberto and causes him... read more


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