Wayne Doyle

Wayne Doyle

Playwright, Librettist, Composer


Wayne works as a tutor of Graphic Design and Multi-media studies in New Zealand. He is an award winning designer and film maker. In 2017, his most innovative musical to date, “Hey Jude – The Musical,” was performed to sell out shows. Continuing on this success, he wrote and directed the historic musical comedy “First Light.” The mini musical comedy went on to win numerous awards for its songs and technical production. His latest hit production, “No Strings Attached,” features live actors and muppets, and is described as “Sesame Street meets Saturday Night Fever.” Future productions include: “The Incredible Super Mallet Man,” which combines action fight scenes with digital projections. He is also finalizing scripts for new musicals based on the songs of Stevie Wonder (I Wish), Swedish duo, Roxette (Joyride), and ELO (Mr Blue Sky).

Shows by Wayne Doyle


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