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Gloria is a published essay writer on family and slices-of-life, whose work has appeared in many publications. She is also a career counselor who loves making miracles in people’s work lives. Gloria has now turned her life experience into playwriting.

Gloria's first two plays were produced in Manhattan Repertory Theatre, in New York City. The first was LETTING GO, which was also produced in the Northport Play Festival on Long Island. A father and daughter have lunch and meets his first grandchild. The father has left the family and remarried and the dynamics became chaotic. The second play is A HIGH SCHOOL REUNION, about a tenth-year reunion. The protagonist, now married, has learned quite a few revelations from former classmates and her former boyfriend who shows up, gets a surprise. Sometimes you have to walk back into the past to set the record straight. Gloria's third play, TRILOGY, a conversation in the afterlife between Mother Teresa, Princess Diana and my own mother, Mary, who each died within days of one another in 1997, was performed at Manhattan Repertory Theatre in New York City on September 27, 28 and 29 in their Fall 2018 Play Festival Competition.

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Three women meet in the afterlife and start a conversation: Mother Teresa, Princess Diana and my own mother, Mary. They each died within days of each other in 1997. It pays to have friends in high places.... read more


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