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Inspired by the fairy tale, Cendrillon, Cenerentola follows the story of a young woman who is forced to act as a servant to her mean stepfather and ungrateful stepsisters. Prince Ramiro is going house to house to find the mos... read more

Count Ory is a bored, rich and impetuous nobleman. He only enjoys playing games with people and finding love. Ory takes it upon himself to seduce the Countess Adele from a neighboring castle. In order to get into the castl... read more

Ellen, daughter of the rebel chief, Douglas, loves Malcolm but is promised by her father to Roderigo. Further complicating matters, King James also loves Ellen. Rowing across the lake, she meets King James V, under the gui... read more

The Earl of Leicester returns to England after his great victory over Scotland. As a present to the Queen, he brings with him hostages consisting of the nobility of Scotland. Included among these hostages is the Earl's secr... read more

La gazza ladra is the story of a young girl who is tried and sentenced to death for stealing a silver spoon. She is saved from death at the last minute by the discovery of the thief, the thieving magpie of the title.... read more

Count Almaviva is in love with a young woman named Rosina, so he disguises himself as a poor student so that she may fall in love for him, not his wealth.  Rosina is barely allowed out of the house because her guardian, Barto... read more

Florville is desperate to marry his lover, Sofia. After he discovers that she is betrothed to another man, Bruschino, Florville disguises himself as Bruschino and gains Sofia's hand in marriage.... read more

The jolly Bey of Algiers, Mustafa, has grown bored of his harem and his lovely wife, Elvira. Fortunately, he has recently acquired a new slave who is from Italy. This Italian man has charmed his way into the Bey’s heart with... read more

In return for Moses restoring light to Egypt, the Pharoah agrees to free the Israelites. However, Pharoah's son Amenophis wants to block the Israelites from leaving since he loves the Israelite Anaïs. After Pharoah tries to... read more

Goffredo, the Captain General of the Christian army, is leading his men in attacking Jerusalem. He has also promised the hand of his daughter, Almirena, to the Christian hero, Rinaldo. Argante, the Saracen King of Jerusale... read more

Dormont is the teacher and guardian of the beautiful Giulia, and he is determined that she will marry Blansac despite her continual rejection of his advances. Guilia has already secretly married Blansac's friend, Dorvil. Wh... read more

With the help of Assur, Semiramide, the Queen of Babylon, has killed her husband King Nino. Thus, there is now a power struggle to see who become the next King of Babylon. To the chagrin of Assur, Arsace is chosen by Semiram... read more


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