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Belting, Legit
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a fairy tale kingdom, the woods


Jack is a child who lives with his mother and his best friend: a cow named Milky-White. He is a curious, naive, gullible little boy, a little slow of study, but with a huge imagination. When his mother tells him to sell Milky-White because they need the money, Jack is devastated, but obediently sets out into the woods to take her to market anyway. When the Baker and his wife offer to buy the cow for five magic beans, Jack takes them, believing that they are telling him the truth. After his mother throws the beans in the mud and they grow overnight into a magic beanstalk, Jack, armed with his fearless curiosity, climbs the beanstalk all the way into the sky and comes back to earth with gold and treasure, claiming to have met “Giants in the Sky”. He soon becomes greedy and takes huge risks to hold onto the magic he has found, resulting in the destruction of his family, his kingdom, and his innocence. Strong legit tenor.

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