Lost in the Brass

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Laura Jane Kirk


There it goes, again. The moment's gone And I'm too lame to speak Another wasted opportunity Always waiting for something to happen But nothing's gonna happen-- Not for me.

Buddy, I'm always buddy I'm a girl for your information Forever in this situation waiting-- And hoping--He'll notice how I'm feeling But everytime I get him near I fade away, I disappear-- That's me Never getting heard He just smiles and walks away Like I never said a word

Oh, oh, oh, Can anybody hear me? Am I just blowing air While the whole world marches past? Still I blow and blow, Though I know it gets me nowhere, I just get lost, lost in the brass

Flutes don't sparkle, quite like batons There's no visual attraction, No stimulus reaction--Pretty music That's all the pretty that I got I'm "special in a quiet way," At least that's what my parents say! Whatever. They were never in the band, And their hair is turning grey-- No they don't understand!

Oh, oh, oh, Can anybody hear me? I just know--I know I can sparkle on the grass, But my melody can never be heard clearly I just get lost,lost,lost in the brass, I get so lost, lost in the brass.

Listen, I'm not background noise! Listen, I make music! See me, I'm not one of the boys! I shine, I shine, I shine on my own

So I don't wear makeup, I don't stick my hair up With some awesome-tastic pink barrette No, I'll never be a majorette I'm plain, I'm basic And I sweat when I get nervous I suck at popularity People just don't notice me But someday, high school's gotta end And I'll finally find a place Where this woodwind doesn't blend!

Oh, oh, oh, There's a whole world to be pursuing If I could just get out, And leave it all here in the past Yeah, they'll remember me, thinking: "Gosh, how is she doing?" But I'll be long gone

Oh, oh, oh,I'll be solo- obligato, Cuttin' loud and clear, Right through the tuba blast! Soaring high above that Clumsy bass vibrato, I won't be lost, lost, lost in the brass And finally they'll see There's so much more to me at last! I won't be lost... Lost in the brass! Lost in the brass!

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Lost in the Brass