Awake, Saturnia and Hence, Iris Hence away



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Awake, Saturnia, from thy lethargy!

Seize, destroy the cursed Semele!

Scale proud Cithaeron’s top:

Snatch her, tear her in thy fury,

And down to the flood of Acheron

Let her fall, let her fall, fall:

Rolling down the depths of night,

Never more to behold the light!

If I th’imperial sceptre sway, I swear, by hell

(Tremble, thou universe, this oath to hear),

Not one of curst Agenor’s race to spare!


Hence, Iris, hence away!

Far from the realms of day,

O’er Scythian hills to the Maeotian lake,

A speedy flight we’ll take!

There Somnus I’ll compel

His downy bed to leave, and silent cell;

With noise and light I will his peace molest,

Nor shall he sink again to pleasing rest,

Till to my vow’d revenge he grants supplies,

And seals with sleep the wakeful dragons’ eyes.

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Awake, Saturnia and Hence, Iris Hence away