I'm Just Wild About Harry

Shuffle Along

Jessie Williams

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[verse 1]:

There's some fellow for me in this world

Harry's his name

That's what I claim

Why for ev'ry fellow there

must be a girl

I've found my mate

By kindness of fate


I'm just wild about Harry

and Harry's wild about me.

The heav'nly blisses

of his kisses

fill me with ecstacy

He's sweet just like choc'late candy

and just like honey from a bee

Oh I'm just wild about Harry

And he's just wild about,

cannot do without,

he's just wild about me

[verse 2]:

There are some fellows that like all the girls

I mean the vamps,

With cruel lamps

But my Harry says

I'm the girl of all girls,

I'm his Ideal,

How happy I feel.

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I'm Just Wild About Harry