After the Fall

It was the middle of the war. I had just


After the Fall

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Germany, Postwar
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Holga and Quentin, both middle-aged, are touring a concentration-camp turned

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It was the middle of the war. I had just come out of a class and there were British leaflets on the sidewalk. And photographs of a concentration camp. And emaciated people. One tended to believe the British. I'd had no idea. Truly. It isn't easy to turn against your country; not in a war. Do Americans turn against America because of Hiroshima? There are reasons always. And I took the leaflet to my godfather—he was still commanding our Intelligence. And I asked if it were true. "Of course," he said, "why does it excite you?" And I said, "You are a swine. You are all swine." I threw my briefcase at him. And he opened it and put some papers in it and asked me to deliver it to a certain address. And I became a courier for the officers who were planning to assassinate Hitler…They were all hanged.

Miller, Arthur. After The Fall Dramatists Play Service Acting Edition, 1992.

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