I’d better run if I’m going to catch the

Regina Engstrand


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Act 2
Time & Place
Norway, 1890s
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Regina is the maid of Helene Alving and infatuated with Helene’s son, Oswald. She

Monologue Text

I’d better run if I’m going to catch the ferry. I can always ask the Pastor for help. And I’ve got a lot more right to that money than that lying pig of a carpenter.
[... …]
You didn’t tell me who my father was cos you couldn’t forgive him for doing my mother. You had to take it out on me. You could have brought me up properly as the daughter of a rich man. You could have educated me, taught me stuff from all those books you read, not treated me like a common skivvy but, what the hell, you didn’t. [Regina picks up the glass of champagne that she poured earlier and drinks it down] I’ll be drinking champagne with the quality soon.

Henrik Ibsen; adapt. Richard Eyre. Ghosts. Nick Hern Books, 2013 p.69

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